Friday, June 29, 2012

Mail Art, of course, and a tea bag!

 Oh dear, you can't see where the card ends and the back ground begins, oh well. It's a 4" x 6" piece of dotty mail art! My honey likes it so I might keep it for his birthday card, oh right, I should mail it to him!
 This hand and foot bit fit so nicely with this card, I just had to break away from JUST DOTS. In fact, as I look at this more, I'm quite fond of it. I could mail it to myself! Oh no, it'll go to someone.
 This is Mail Art #960! 40 more to go for 1000 since 01 Dec. 2010. When should I stop numbering? What do you think? Your opinion counts.
With this one, I like that the gray and the pale violet are the almost the same value and the boundaries are soft, as opposed to the yellow with the pale violet.
I re-opened my Etsy shop FritziMim, after a long hiatus. I've put a few bags in it, including a vintage Tea Towel bag. A TEA BAG! Get it? You can see my stuff at FritziMim.

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Found art blog said...

Why stop numbering?! And I love your Tea Bag!!! It's brilliant!