Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mail Art plus

 I am really enjoying the hole punched paper. The blue piece fit so nicely over some eyes that I'd cut out giving this dotty mail more of a narrative. The tiny square holes were already punched in the yellow paper. I wish I had a punch like that. Do you know where I can get one?
 This dotty card has a lot of ambiguity, I think. are the dots on top or holes punched. Only the recipient will know.
 The other day, we received a thank you for our neighbor, Adriana. We'd given her a gift certificate to buy books as she moved on from elementary school to middle school. Here's a portion of the note. She's a terrific draw-er. We love the way the eyes are looking to her left, and the sheer sleeves on the shirt.
 S. Churchill, in the U.K. is one of the Mail Artists that I exchange mail with. She's been experimenting with fusing plastic bags for her mail art. The one she sent me arrived in a plastic bag, which I found so funny and ironic. I was thinking I'd send the WE CARE bag to her to incorporate in her mail art, but maybe not. I showed this to the workshop participants yesterday and they thought it as ironic as I did. Maybe I'll keep this as is to show future workshop-ers.
My honey bought me some old stamps, uncancelled. I really like how they show scenes of the workings of the postal system. Those of us who use the postal systems all the time, mail artists, letterwriters, hope that there will always be stamps and mail and postal delivery. Please send a piece of mail using a stamp to someone, please oh please.


Mary Has Sound said...

hahah, the plastic bag in a plastic bag. Love it. My mind really wants to believe that a postal worker did it on purpose. :-)

Anonymous said...

STAMPS! Yes! Stamps. We've even got a small collection of "First Day Covers" that we purchased at the Illinois State Fair. They canceled them right there, on the Fairgrounds. We've got a new mail carrier on our route..."Robert." He has taken Fabian's place...we LOVED Fabian. Anyway, when I see Robert I always ask him if he wants a bottle of water and he always says, "Thank you, but I'm good. Folks on this route are SO NICE. One lady even asked me to come in and sit in front of her air conditioner for a bit." I like Robert...he's got a jolly spirit. And I LOVE stamps. Mim, thanks for keeping letter-writing and mail art alive! xo, bami