Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Garden fun

 Last year, my honey planted two calla lilies in the back garden. They were dark brown and I didn't like them because they blended into the color of the mulch. This year, surprise surprise, they returned with HUGE leaves and one (so far) lovely orange color bloom. I like this!
 Mr. or Ms. squirrel lurking by the bird feeder pole. I see you!
 Here he or she is again, waiting on the fence. Hoping I don't see him.
 Here he is balancing on the top of the shepherd's crook pole that holds the bird feeder. Clever little acrobat!
 YIKES! I've been noticed! When he saw me, he scurried down the pole and hid under a fern. I don't mind feeding him because the bird seed is inexpensive and he only eats the parts he likes, leaving plenty for the birds.
 I was trying to identify the little birds we get. I used the telephoto on my camera. Here's a shot with one in the feeder & 2 waiting.
Here's a blurry view. One just jumped into the feeder, others waiting. They're sparrows. I've identified 2 kinds so far, plus Cardinals, oh so easy to I.D. and some big grackles. One grackle came yesterday and couldn't figure out how to get inside to the seed. Oh dear, maybe brain damaged, as the others of his kind had no trouble the other day. Could that be possible?

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Mary Has Sound said...

Love the last picture of him on the fence!