Friday, June 22, 2012

Dotty Mail, tiny baguette, and a recipe

 Oh, dots are so satisfying! The acting of punching holes with my different sizes of hole punch, the placing of the dots, the placing of the punched paper, mmmm, so satisfying.  And if one were of a mind to, one could write a story for each of these. A children's book, anyone?
 I like clouds a lot, as regular readers of my blog know, and I like reflections of clouds in windows and water, too. Here's a photo of clouds reflected in a building in Washington, D.C. We passed it by, in the train, on the way home from our last trip. If you look carefully at the bottom row of windows you can see the reflection of the top of our train.
 This morning, we went out early to meet a friend for coffee at Can Can. The Bonne Maman confiture is a miniature, ditto the baguette (a ficelle.) We enjoy these little reminders of Paris, though none of the employees speaks French. Bummer!
Even though the heat is brutal, I decided to make a cake yesterday. I was going to make a vegan tea cake but my book of recipes opened to the page holding this recipe - Brown Sugar Toffee Cake. Oh, yes! I went out and purchased the Heath bars necessary for the topping. It was a big hit at the dinner party we went to, and you can find the recipe here, if you want to try it yourself.

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