Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A very HOT day!

 We were told to expect heat! There were heat advisories! It was indeed very HOT! 92F/34C ! Tomorrow is going to be HOTTER!
Okay, that said, here's a photo I snapped of my sleeping honey, in our backyard, making it appear to be pleasantly sunny, in the late afternoon.
 The birds were actually using the bird bath! We had tons of little birds at the feeder. I got my old bird book out and think that they were sparrows of some kind. Plus, we had the usual cardinals, and a bigger black bird, maybe a grackle. We're enjoying this flurry of birds a lot.

The garden is getting lush. I watered it heavily this morning, hoping that my new dogwood in the corner will live. I still have some other plants that I want to add but for now, I like the way it's looking.
 Because it was so hot, I spent afternoon time in my studio making dotty mail art. I used pieces of colored paper that I'd already punched holes in, for another project. I put other colors behind the holes.
 In this one, I also put color behind the punched holes. This was really a fun little experience.
For this one, I used paper with holes punched out already, then I punched out some circles of orange and added them, but I think the effect is interesting. Doesn't it look like the orange circles are holes cut in the darker gray showing the orange paper from beneath. Not! This is such fun. I'm going to do more of these. By the way, this is #946 on my way to 1000 pieces.

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Anke Martin said...

HI Mim, your garden looks so comfi! Enjoy every time you can!
We are having chilly summer weather, no heat so far. I sure wish you some cooler breeze!
Love your 'dot-art' ;)

Smiles, Anke :)