Thursday, June 21, 2012

An even HOTTER day!

 Here are the cards that I made yesterday, while keeping in the cool of my studio. The dotty-ness is so much fun. Some of the dots are punch outs in the paper and some are the cut out dots on top of the paper. Only the recipients will know which is which.
 This one is so playful to me. I'm calling these color play.
 These are strips with holes in them. They remind me of the Albers Interaction of Color experiments.
 I made this one this morning, when I saw the scraps lying on a dark brown piece of paper. I just liked the way they looked though it's a much darker, wintery (oh that red/green combi) card to me. It's #950. I'm getting cloooser to my 1000.

I made this card just now to send to my Mom, whose been transferred to a nursing home after a few days in hospital.  We don't know if she'll be able to return home. We just wait. I think she'll enjoy receiving mail &  these animals had been sitting on my table for a bit so it seems a perfect use for them.
Here's  a cool image - cool, in the sense of not hot temperatures, like we have here. It's already up to 93/34, on it's way to 98/36 this afternoon. I need to keep an image of fluffy clouds and cool water in my mind, as I debate going outdoors.


Found art blog said...

If you fancy a dose of Paris, fellow blogger Urbandon is there at the moment!! Apparently, over for two whole months, lucky beggar! google the fella, he's loving it!

Terrie Purkey said...

I received your shredder card and just loved it! Now you're doing dotty and I really like those too! May have to take some dotty inspiration.... You're SO close to your goal. Thanks to you I also number my p/c though I'm only at about 75 since starting in the spring. A ways to go I'd say!