Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mail Art, of course, clouds, and more

 I make myself crack up (laugh) with my own visual "jokes." In this altered card, a Blue Footed Booby takes a bath and notices a big postage stamp coming out of the structure.  I hope the person who receives this gets a big laugh out of it.
 I was trying to come up with some way of using the pages of a romance novel. I was cutting out bits of sentences and had these remaining bits. I'm not sure, I think I have to be more in control of this, or not. The circles, of course, are my favorite things to add.

The birds were illustrated by John Burgoyne. I love his style of drawing so much. The text is cut from two different romance novels.

 The Science museum has covered their big Kugel in a brain covering. How funny! Made me laugh.
 I met my friend Anne at the cafe at VMFA last week. The sky was beautiful. That's my favorite tree (actually TWO trees.) And of course, the clouds were so good.
Check out THESE clouds. I snapped this through the car window while we were out driving a couple days ago. They were so puffy. They reminded me of some illustrator, can't remember who, but so fabulous. I was wondering if I could take up cloud painting. Hmmm.

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Heather said...

I LOVE my bird!!! I will be returning the favor shortly! Have a splashy day!