Saturday, May 12, 2012

Skull Appreciation Day 2012

It's not too late to send in an entry to the Mail Art exhibit for Skull Appreciation Day 2012. Click here for details.
You can make something simple and pop it right into the mail. You'll be happy you appreciated your skull!

I had a surprise late afternoon visit from Jonah, baby Luna and parents. They'd been at a school festival in the neighborhood. I let Jonah pick through my rubber stamp drawer and he had a great time making stuff. Mother's Day cards were made using alphabet stamps and Luna's foot prints, for the grandmother's. Jonah did his handprints. What fun. AND the doorbell rang again! It was Adrianna and Sage. They joined in the fun, while sharing what they did at the same festival. They also gave us an update on the Chicken situation. City Council is going to meet and decide. Oh boy, everyone, send some good clucky thought out into the universe that the Ladies will be able to stay with the girls.

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