Thursday, May 02, 2013

Structures and Mail Art

  I'm very fond of old timey factory smoke stacks. This one is on Hull Street across from ArtWorks. Quite impressive. I don't know the factory that it's attached to, however.
 This structure is across from Plant Zero and can be seen from Hull St. I don't know what it's used for as I've never seen anything being done on it, but I like it and see it as a large sculpture. The electric wires, pole, and lights add to it.
365.2 #270

365.3 #120

 More circles and Washi tape in these pieces of Mail Art. My default when I can't find any images that I like. Actually, I'm running low on images and need to get some old magazines, then I need to spend some time cutting things out.

365.3 #121
These two pieces of Mail art use only 2 pieces of paper for the collage. I cut up an abstract expressionist painting, and these were the scraps left from the main image that I cut out. I decided that I liked the random shapes. These make me want to paint again, for some reason.
365.2 #271

I'm using a coated white cardstock background for these pieces. It's necessary to use a strong adhesive for them. I've been using Pioneer glue stick and it works well.

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