Sunday, April 28, 2013

Caught up with myself, whew!

 This morning, after I quickly made and posted my 365 Mail Art, we drove up to Washington, D.C. with friends, to see the Smithsonian Craft show. And a special treat at the Sackler, the Cyrus Cylinder.
Amazing! It's sooo ancient. Check out the link.
 My friend took this reflection of our honey's. You can tell that she's a professional photographer, right?
365.2 # 267

#365.3 #117

These two pieces of Mail Art were made on Saturday after I hosted the Slow Art Day 2013 at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art and had dinner with friends. It was late, I was tired, what to do, the day was almost over!

Because I was rushed I grabbed the Washi tape and put a strip down on each card. What to do? Circles of course. And you know what, I actually like them a lot.
365.2 #268

365.3 #118

Since I felt that yesterday's mail art was successful, I used Washi tape and circles again today. More tape, more circles.

I'm quite satisfied with the results of these, also.

What can I say, I'm just satisfied to be making Mail Art every day. I think that sums it up for me.
Here's another view of the entry to the Virginia Museum of Fine Art. I was relaxing on a bench, a couple days ago, after having done a walk through to check on the route for Slow Art Day 2013.  I really like the reflections in the curved window. I like how Robinson house is condensed and it appears that there's a vista beyond.

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My fave is 268!