Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday - Mail Art and more

 I really enjoy having coffee at the cafe at VMFA. It's mostly quiet there.
 I was looking down at my back garden, from our bedroom window. Looks like a dolls garden, with tiny furniture.
 The Azalea planted along the side of our house have bloomed. They look great this year.
365.2 #259

365.3 #109

These two card on cardboard substrate are done with just 3 bits. Some tear off of an old French receipt, a scrap from a paper sample book, and a punched out circle.

I really do find minimal compositions satisfying. You've read this before so this is not news to you, about my preferences.

365.2 #260

I'm going to get a kitten. Finally, the house has felt bereft of a pet since our dog died 2.5 year ago. We used to have cats, as well as dogs, so this isn't new for us, but it's been awhile.

I'm feeling very cat mood now. Our friend took in a stray cat, which happened to be pregnant. 5 kittens were born - and after awhile, hearing about them from our friends, talking about them with M, who's
365.3 #110
 encouraging me to do this, I decided to put my name on one of the kitties. "The calmest one," I told my friend.

I've chosen to name it "Neblina." It'll come to live with us after May 9th.

You'll see plenty of photos of it on this blog.

So what do you think the cats are saying?
365.2 #261

365.3 #111

#261 is going to Seville, Spain for a Mail Art call for blue mail art.

#111 is going to Sicily, Italy, for a Mail Art request for an exhibit and book in honor of Gerardo Sangiorgio, who was a poet and humanitarian. He resisted the Nazis in Italy, spent years in a prison camp, was freed and returned to Sicily. This is what I can make out with my poor knowledge of the Italian language. In any case, I'm pleased to honor him with this collage.


Found art blog said...

Cat?!?!!!! Neblina?! WANT!!!! That's so cool you're getting a new pet!!

Margie said...

Aw, that's great Mim! Can't wait to see her. How did you arrive at that name? And, I just happened to post photos of a cat from the neighborhood with a sweet blue collar and bell.

VioletSky said...

how lovely. my neighbour is also getting a cat - her first after her small dog died earlier this year. I can't wait . She will have all the litter mess to deal with and I can visit and play :) Looking forward to seeing the pics.
(and a late hank you for the card!)

robayre said...

I can't wait to see more and more pictures of your coming kitty! Never too many :D