Sunday, April 14, 2013

More catching up on Mail Art

 I think this is hilarious, so I didn't crop out the "fixture." I was at Lamplighter coffee shop last week, having breakfast with a friend. I realized that I hadn't seen the loo that my son had stenciled, so I asked my friend to take my picture in it. I didn't realize until I got home that she left the toilet in the photo. This made me laugh.





These first cards with the white ground were done as a pair. I like the way that the angle cuts make the pieces very planar and spatial. Floating shapes. I'm really happy using these paper samples.

For the cardboard background pieces, I cut paper samples into strips. These were random, but I adjusted a bit to give this a woven look.

For these last two cards, I used the same strips for each of them but varied the placement and the amount of the color that is in view.  I was experimenting to see if one would look more lively than the other. They seem equally lively to me. Spring, that's what they say to me, spring time!

What about you? Spring time?


Margie said...

Funny is right!

Anonymous said...

#103 & #253: I see spring time piano keys! xo, bb