Sunday, April 28, 2013

More catching up to do -

 I'm so thrilled at how our back yard/garden is coming back after winter. The plants seem to grow over night, really. It's getting very lush. I did plant a yellow calla lily, and a couple new hosta plants, but so many plants from last year are reappearing and seem stronger. Yay, plants!
365.2 #264

365.3 #114

These babies came from some 1960s era magazine. They've been waiting around for awhile to be used. 

I added only one thing to each piece of Mail Art and called this pair "Things that startle babies."

Can you think of other titles for me?
#65.2 #265
 I had to get back to circles.

 My son had given me several copies of the graphic novel that was the case for his CD. The printing was off a little so he couldn't use them.
365.3 #115
 He knew that I'd do something with them.

Punching circles out of them seems ideal since the paper is heavy stock and the circles punch cleanly. I re-discovered the stick on letters, too.

These are very planetary, don't you think?
365.2 #266

365.3 #116

I wasn't sure what I'd do with this background which is actually a carpet, lovely, but I'd never actually put a carpet like that in our home. What better background than that to "hide" a moth.

I, also, used some press on letters that I wanted to "hide" somewhat, in the background.

Any thoughts on titles for these?

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