Sunday, April 28, 2013

Amazing! A week has gone by since I've posted!!

365.2 # 262

365.3 #112
 I'd been saving the figurine image on the left for awhile and when I found the "companion" on the right, I knew that I had a perfect pair. I added something to the background and each figure got a pile of books to stand on. I'm really fond of these two pieces of mail art.
365.2 #263

365.3 #113

I was in a bit of a rush on this day, so I grabbed a couple of commercial cards and had at them. The closest thing at hand were the Victorian scraps, which I cut out of their back ground. I wish that I'd put some shading on #263 to ground the figure. Oh well. At least the foot steps look like they work with her.

This little gal seems oblivious to the pond she's standing in as she looks into her "whatever" she's holding.
A challenge - I was invited to participate in Josh Ronsen's project - Tiny Art Exchange. I had no idea that it was 1" x 1". This is the smallest I've ever played with. Of course, I had to keep it simple and in scale. Not bad for my first try.

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PamelaArtsinSF said...

I did the tiny part exchange with Josh too -- it was fun. I didn't think to photograph mine...