Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring & Mail Art




As I was pulling my car out of my alley way, I stopped to take a photo of this tree with my 'phone. I hardly captures the beauty of this tree which is laden with pink blossoms. What a treat, spring, with the trees coming into bloom, things popping up in the garden over night, amazing. I came up the front steps tonight and looked at the front garden and there were the Solomon Seals, which had just poked up a couple days ago, not very tall, and lots of them. A real treat!

I had to add a circle, I just had to. I'd been missing them. In 2 of these pieces of mail art, I used some very pale colors, with not much contrast.

I used some brighter strips in the second set of two pieces of Mail Art. I'm not fond of bright colors. I have to force myself to use them.

I think this will really make sense to the recipient because they'll feel the different surfaces of this card, which can barely be seen.

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