Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thursday some Mail Art, Bizoo, and nature.

 This is our new calla lily plant. It's a beautiful color, isn't it. My mother's wedding bouquet was white calla lilies. I've always loved them because of that.
 The sky was gorgeous this afternoon. We had a rain storm, then it cleared and we had sunshine, then all of a sudden, we had clouds again. BIG dramatic ones. 




These are the last two pieces of Mail Art in the Landscape Beautification Project - for awhile. The project manager needs a break.

Here's one of my new series of minimal Mail Art pieces. I love the action in this piece.

Here's the companion piece in the Landscape Beautification Project that is on hiatus. When the project manager has some time away, they'll begin again.

Here's the companion piece for the new minimal series. I made these this morning. More to come like this.

  Bizoo waiting to see Dr. Jack at the Animal Hospital on Church Hill. He was so calm in this moment, and a little trouper during all of the handling, and shots.
Here's Bizoo back at home, exhausted by his experience. He's been a sleepy kitty most of the day, with bouts of kitty play between naps. What a life. He's soooo cute!

And the most recent photo of our grand is soooo cute! You have to take my word for it as I'm keeping her private.


Margie said...

I sure am loving your new mascot! Meow!

Margie said...

Oh, and I really like 293 too!