Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mail Art, of course, and some snow news.



Snow is coming


 What an assortment of Mail Art -1) altered a card that I made from a print of my Artist Coloring Book collage, 2)used some circles, 3)altered a commercial card from our trip to NOLA - landscape beautification project, 4) made a batch of "snow is coming" cards. In between, I made some other numbers of cards. It's been fun.

The snow started yesterday about 2 pm. It was fine and continuous and stuck to the ground. I took this through the window in the kitchen (see the screen?)

It kept coming, and coming, and coming, so fine and so quiet.

This morning, the bird bath shows how much snow fell in our back yard.

See how the snow rounds things out? Softens the edges.

It's sunny now, but very cold, and, oh my, it's going to get colder.

Our city shuts down, meanwhile, in Chicago, where there's lots of snow and is as cold as it is here, my friend goes out and about with her life.

Me, I'm a shut-in - who'll catch up on responding to mail and knitting and hoping there'll be mail delivery.

What's weather like where you are?


Pamela Gerard said...

77 degrees on Saturday and way to warm here in SF. YUK. I'd love sme of your snow! Ok, maybe not on our hills......

chris said...

Hi Mim - 28 deg Celsius here in Brisbane - humidity high -cyclone might be on its way to give us more rain. Just love your energy & the way your mind works! Your mailart always makes me smile.