Thursday, March 15, 2007

sampling adhesives

My friend Juli told me about UHU offering samples of adhesives. The "catch" - to try it, blog about it, then link to the company's craft designer's blog. Okay, so I'm a marketing tool now. Oy! I got the products. These samples turned out to be products I liked using, so I don't mind writing about them. The liquid roll-on glue worked on metal. I glued scraps of paper, metal and fabric to the little tins in which I keep my various mail-art collage scraps. It worked. I didn't even prep the metal in anyway. The roll-on glue tape worked great for my paper collages. My only difficulty was in figuring out whether to push or pull the tape roller, so I ended up with the tape being a bit slack. The tape is going to be perfect for travel, when I want to make tiny collages in tiny notebooks while on a plane. Check out the UHU blog,

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Mica said...

Don't worry, this is the good kind of marketing, and also.. it's what I do! Their blog looks pretty cool.