Wednesday, January 13, 2010

With Mom

Before I left home, I captured another shadow of my hat (I'm obsessed with these shadows!) Here is my luggage, packed and ready to go. I packed very lightly, knowing that it'd be warm at my destination, and it no hat shadows from L.A. Here's mom in her usual place doing her usual thing. She is happy, cheerful, and says "thank you, dolly" whenever you do anything for her. How sweet is that?! She'll be 96 on the 19th! I'm a heck of a lucky gal to have mom with me so long, and hopefully giving me longevity and cheerfulness genes.


Barbara said...

oh, Mom is so dear. and she's reading! YOU are ALWAYS reading! your little shadow resembles a Hershey's kiss! And I'm sending you a kiss on the cheek!

phonelady said...

I was going to say that hat looks like a hershey kiss . LOL !! so cute . So glad your mom is well and able to read . I know she probably enjoys it .