Saturday, January 30, 2010

What to do on a snowed in day?

The snow finally stopped falling in the late afternoon. Look how deep it got!
I baked a carrot cake cheesecake combination. Can't wait to taste it! I'm also making some potato soup. While preparing the soup, my doorbell rang. It was my little neighbor. She announced to my husband that her boots came off and her socks were all wet, so he popped them in our clothes dryer and she joined me in the kitchen. Her jacket was the same color green as my new nail polish, so naturally, I offered to paint her finger and toe nails. And naturally, she accepted my offer. What fun! Last night, I'd painted mine and got fancy with some addition of a dark purple squiggle. What to do when it's snowed in time? Amuse yourself!


tarabu said...

So, how was the carrot/cheesecake and would you share the recipe?

Lesa said...

What a fabulous way to spend a snow!

Hope the cake was delish!

Barbara said...

maybe the Green Nailpolish Girl wants to build a snowman? She could use a green bean for his nose!