Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fruit, Mom and more

It's been really good being here to help my sister and spend time with mom. We've been cleaning and dusting and going through things, while mom knits. Yes, MOM KNITS!! It's amazing to see her still able to do it. We found this family portrait and, though hard to take a photo of it through the glass, I'm happy to have it turn out so clearly. This is Mom with her family. She is the eldest of the girls. Today, Mom did her physical therapy. My sister worked with her and even got her outside for a little walk down the driveway. The lemons came from my sister's tree. Several were really strange looking, I mean really strange! Here's one example.

The other night, my nieces and I played with Scrabble tiles, a game of their own devising, which I called Babble. We laughed a lot while making up words, definitions or acronyms, all hilarious. You had to be there!


phonelady said...

oh how lovely that your mom still knits. that is just awesome . and is that not great that she can be mobile at her age . wonderfull , ust wonderfull and thanks for sharing and posting .

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