Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Back home in Virginia!

I arrived home very late Monday night and because of the time difference, I didn't get to sleep until 3 a.m. which meant that I slept until noon on Tuesday. I was feeling such jet lag that I gave myself 2 days to recover. Wow, it was like a vacation, though I was feeling badly that my sister is back to her 24/7 mom care. At least, we had two weeks to have some laughs, and some relief from doing it all by herself.

In among my pile of mail were lovely postcards and letters from my correspondents and Postcrossing, and also this water color fish by my young neighbor.
My son and his girlfriend had been to India and brought me this cookbook and rupee note. I can actually make some of the recipes in it. The rupee note will be collage material, for sure.

I pulled out this can of Spotted Dick, which was given to us by our neighbors. I'd heard of this dessert (jokes about the name) but had never seen it nor eaten it. I'm thinking that this weekend will be a good day to heat it up. We're supposed to get a terrible snow storm. Hard to believe but I may be posting more snow images.

I'm glad to be home!


Lesa said...

Glad you're home and rested. I enjoyed your previous posts about your mom and your visit. Aren't our old photos wonderful! My mother and step-dad live next door to us and my grandmother lived with us for six years. My husband believes his mom will need to move in with us sometime in the coming year, so our family enclave grows.

Oh, my step-dad is from England and that dessert was one of his favorites as a child...complete with the laughter, of course.

Barbara said...

This past summer at the open-air market, the flower vendor was selling something called "hairy balls." I kid you not. He said, "So sorry, WE did not name it that, but it's a name that we have to use." So, maybe when you're having this dessert, you should have a bouquet of h.b. on your table to go along with it!