Saturday, August 27, 2016

Some collage stuff, some mail art, and my cat.



A booklet from Fleur

one page

A second page
 I received a beautifully made accordian book from Fleur Helsingor, Mail Artist extrordinaire. I'm sorry that I didn't take a photo showing the folded our book. It was made from an old booklet that she'd had as a kid, from a science kit. Very cool.

She sent it as an Add and Pass along.

So I added to two pages, One opening the book in one direction and one page going the other direction, if that makes sense.

Rather than physical science, I used natural sciences for my entries.

Botany, biology, and entymology. Gosh, I hope that's the right word for the study of insects. I can't believe that I didn't look it up.

I tried to make the entry look like something old, by adding little letters by each bit, like in an old science book.

I'm please with the results. I hope Fleur wll be, too.  I'm sending the book on today to another participant.
 After breakfast, we noticed that Bizoo was in the front room on his favorite cloth. He appears not to be able to keep his eyes open.

We went upstairs to our studios.

After a bit, I went into my honey's studio to look at something he was working on and there was Bizoo.

He'd made his way upstairs to be near us and
had fallen asleep.
 He's so long, isn't he?
Oh, changed positions to take up less room.

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Hagitha Krystal said...

Bizoo is adorable!