Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Some fun discoveries - student work

Student 1
 I was doing some house cleaning in my studio, and came across a folder with copies of work done by my students. These were just photo copies that I'd made on the copier at work, to have a record. However, there were no names and no dates on any of the work.

Here are a few of them. More to come.
These were done in my Basic Design class in early 2000s. There were done without use of a computer. All cut and paste. They were done to demonstrate the principles of basic design.
student 2
 I'm blown away by them. They're amazing and I only hope that the students who did these got an "A" from me. So far, no one has come forth (via social media) to claim any as their own.
student 3
 Here are some of the principles: Gravity, space, direction, and concentration.

Which is your favorite!
student 4

student 5


Limner said...

Striking. Eye-catching. Fetching. Tens all around. I like these a lot.

Andy Hoang said...

These are just great. I wish you could call them back and give them a retrospective grade!

Sam said...

I remember doing these in your class. The top one looks familiar. Don't know if it was mine or a classmates.