Sunday, January 17, 2016

Mail Art, Mail Art, Mail Art - So much fun!


2016 #3

2016 #4
 The first pieces of 2016, except #1 which I posted previously.

I altered a card that our friend sent to us to tell us of his open house. He makes wonderful ceramics.

2016 -#6

Here I altered a very old postcard from Russia when it was the USSR. There are postage stamps on the reverse but the card was never used.

I got into adding big people again, so it seems! Here a figure over looks a lovely landscape in Arizona, USA.

I still have a few card left from the time the fine arts museum had a huge sale. It was when I purchased all of the Tiny Town postcard. It took awhile before I could find the right thing to alter it with. I think the woman looks quite splended in the grapes. Don't you?

Here's another BIG person, walking in water. I"m called her Big Martha for some reason. It was one of my grandmother's names, and I've been thinking about her a lot lately.
She came to America as a young woman but I can't find much information about her or her background. Oh well.


Pamela Gerard said...

Yes, indeed, that woman does look just splendid in the grapes -- what a hoot! Love them all, Mim.

Beanie Mouse said...

where did your grandmother move from? Which town/country?

mim said...

Thanks, Pamela. I have such fun finding the right combination.

Beanie Mouse, my gran' came from Russia, in what is now Lithuania-Latvia area. We never learned the name of her town. She divulged very little. Two siblings landed in England, Ealing to be precise. I got to meet her sister's daugher, grand children, and great grands. One of the grands is now my best friend cousin and lives here in the USA.