Thursday, November 12, 2015

Unstuck - now out in Korea!

 My son, Noah Scalin, has had his book UNSTUCK published in Korea. They sent him several copies and we had a good time comparing the two (which are exactly alike except for language, to state the obvious.) What fun!
My 365 Mail Art project was used as a visual on the page talking about 365 projects and Mail Art. The mail art was from 2011, which feels like ancient history now. The website for the project is clearly shown and I'm hoping that some folks in Korea will get interesting in Mail Art and in doing it as a 365 project. We shall see!

Don't forget that you, too, can participate. You can make Mail Art on a regular basis or irregular basis, and even take it on as a daily practice.
It fun.
It's non-judgemental.
It costs only the price of a stamp, if you're like me and use recycled materials.  (and the cost of glue added in)

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