Tuesday, October 06, 2015

More Mail Art, of course!

 I've had a lot of fun collection hands, eyes, and mouths from magazines.

 What do you think? A whole image is formed right? You can see what the entire face looks like.

A friend sent me this eraser card. I wasn't sure how I'd alter it, but the addition of this head really changed this into a narrative piece.  I posted it on Facebook for my Mail Art Monday post and asked for captions. I got some really good ones.

Do want to suggest a caption?

I've been meaning to share this received mail with you. The envelope appeared to have been water damaged then dried out. It was sent to me from Puerto Rico in August but wasn't received until September, long after our friends had returned.

I showed them the envelopes before I opened them It's amazing that they arrived at our home. Amazing.

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