Friday, October 05, 2018

NEW Tea Themed Mail Art call and more EXTENDED DEADLINE!!

 My friend, Patricia, has a new location for her tea shop. In 2011, people sent in Tea themed Mail Art, which she framed and has up in her shop. Yes, she moved it to the new place. BUT I'd like her to have NEW Mail Art. SO, I'm asking you to make some to send to her.

Theme-Tea, of course
Size - 4"x6", 10cm x 15cm
Family friendly
deadline-14 February 2019

The work will be documented on the old

Send to: Cary Town Teas
2517 W. Cary Street
Richmond, VA 23220

She'll be very excited to receive new MA.

 Here's a piece of my Mail Art. The back ground is from an exhibit card and looks warped but it isn't.  I don't know where I'll send this off to yet.
This is what I did for Day 1 of Creative Sprint.  You can follow the link, click on the words, and you can join this FREE international, creativity game. It's a lot of fun. Really. You need to do this. It relieves stress and you make friends who are doing the same thing. Day one's prompt was to make something that fits in the palm of your hand from things in your immediate environment. Fun, right?

It takes only a few minutes and you have all day to think of something and do it.

Come and play with us.
I'm on Instagram as @mimgolub if you want to
see all the things I've done so far. And Check out
#creativesprint for all of the things coming in from all over the world.

Happy creativity!

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