Friday, January 11, 2019


I started playing around with the Layout App on my phone for the first time on a flight home from somewhere, maybe Mexico. I was totally taken by the possibilites of making patterns. Collages in a different way, cut and paste in a different way.

Since that first times, I've played around with lots of my images to see how I can change them so that you can either see
what I was working with clearly, or the
original image is so changed you have no
idea what it was.
I've been finding this to be very meditative.

And I was especially happy to see them changed by being enlarged, printed, and hung up along a street in Kathmandu, during the most recent MicroGalleries event.
Sometimes, I think I'd like to create fabrics using these patterns, or wall paper.

What do you think? Other uses for them?

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