Friday, October 13, 2006

a Fair

We needed some things so headed to BHV, got what we needed, had some lunch in their cafeteria with the great view of Hotel de Ville, then went to La Poste. And guess what, stamps to the U.S. really ARE only 0,85 euro. The woman told me that the price of postage went down. I could hardly believe I was hearing correctly. She said for mail outside France it went down. Amazing. While I was in La Poste, Chuck was engaging in a conversation with a very elderly French man who spoke English and wanted to use it. Oh I wish had a picture of that. Instead, I have pictures of the musical troupe playing at a fair in front of Notre Dame. Renaissance?! There were booths, made to look old-timey, selling snack foods, meat, provincial products, scarves, crafty jewelry, and other things. There's always something different to see, unexpected visual treats.

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