Sunday, October 01, 2006

Bollywood on the Seine

Chuck looked over the side of the bridge toward the left bank, by the quai de la Tournelle. "Look, they're filming over there. People are dancing in a line, doing the same steps." I put my glasses on, "oh my, it looks and sounds like a bollywood movie." Chuck snapped a picture then decided we had to get closer. We both tooks lots of snaps and here are a few of them. Chuck spoke with someone and, yes, they were filming a Bollywood movie. The guy said the story was about a girl from India who was living in Paris and she falls in love with this Chuck said "Seems like all of the stories are about that" and the man agreed. What fun! It was so odd to see this filming and Notre Dame in the background. It was really funny when the tourist boats went by, with all the people trying to see what was going on. A police boat sped by and the police waved. Maybe they'll be in the background of the film. Or maybe they WERE part of the film. Okay, so if you see a Bollywood movie that takes place in Paris, remember we were there.

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