Thursday, October 05, 2006

afteroon tea time chez moi

You know how some things make you really happy? Well, when I figured out how to make a cup of tea for myself using the coffee maker, I was really pleased. This is faster than boiling water on the electric hot plate. I take out the filter basket, wipe out any coffee residue, then pour in a cup of water. In moments, I have my afternoon cup of tea. Right now my favorite is green tea with mint, orange flower, and lemon essence. hmmm, soothing.


Nesbit N Hatch said...

The Palais de Tee was an excellent source for wonderful teas,: black, white, green, herbal tisanes, and perfumed. So far my favorite hs been green tea with mint.... Very serene and simple!

Nesbit N Hatch said...

I will think of you in Paris sipping tea, as I sip my afternoon tea in Idaho!