Sunday, October 22, 2006


Our friends were leaving for home, back to the U.S. for two and back to the south of France for the other, so we met for petite dejeuner again. This time we went to the cafe right on the corner of the square: Bourg-Tibourg. Love that name. The women sat at one table in the window and the men at the other end, ha ha ha ha. I had a very nice cafe creme and a tartine. Now what would one think a "tartine" is? A little tarte, perhaps? Well, it's simply baguette with butter. From the cafe, I could see the market that gets set up in the space by the Mairie on Saturdays and Wednesday (apres midi only) I was hoping the cheese spread stall was there and it was. I got some creamy, spicey spread that looked like pimento cheese spread, for those of you familiar with that. And some tzaziki, that Greek cucumber side. It was nicely spicy, too. Then Chuck came joined, me. He's been at the flower stall. He included some provencal olives and a pack of pita (from Germany or at least the writing on the package is in German- Arabische fladenbrod) The olive selection was big, but the man gave us tastes, so we could decide. Chuck wanted me to see some flowers and guess which was mimosa. We'd gotten some room spray in that scent but had no idea what the flower looked like. I couldn't pick it out. It wasn't what I'd have thought, at all. It's much wilder looking. We bought some to put on the refreshment table at our open studio.

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