Friday, October 13, 2006

Galleries LaFayette

Here's another of the grand department stores. Everyone loves this one for the beautiful dome and the arches, and they are really beautiful. Photos, of course, don't do it justice (aaah, another cliche) nor do they convey the shopping frenzy going on the day we visited, Wednesday. It was the beginning of a sale and there were so many people there. We, in the United States, just don't have department stores like this anymore. There is an entire food section, with gourmet prepared foods, cheeses (of course,) a wine bibliotheque, a full scale super market, a wine bar, fabric, yarn, crafts supplies, art supplies, besides clothing. There are three buildings, one we didn't go into was household items. We were visually overwhelmed, or at least, I was. Chuck is ready to visit it again. For the cookie? or for the sales? The cookie, ahh, the cookie was soooo good. Also, see if you can find me in one of the pictures.

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Le Synge Bleu said...

spotted you right away...who could miss that gorgeous lady?