Sunday, October 08, 2006

Nuit Blanche

Last night was Nuit Blanche. We were excited that we could experience it because we'd read about it before coming here. The city stays open all night. There was a full moon and a clear sky, temperatures were perfect for being out walking. We had gone to a dance concert at Chaillot but came back to the Marais to walk as there were so many things to see. Keith and Ruth met up with us about 1030 p.m. and off we went. Crowds of people walking about, long lines of people for some of the things, like the ones in small courtyards. There were art installations, musical performances, environmental installations, and everyone was enjoying themselves. We got into the piece at the Bibliotheque of Paris which was a tent with sand on the ground and a big screen projecting the ocean and sky, with nice beach sounds. People standing around really enjoyed it, we did, too. We saw a piece with lots of shoes lined up with candles in them. In one courtyard, a woman in costume was winding up music box dolls dressed the same way & lining them up, over and over again. In the big courtyard of the Archives a Rai band was playing and it was really good. Too hard to really explain the aliveness of it, the energy, the crowds, the sounds. We kept going until 245 a.m. We really wanted to stay up longer, but we saw enough for one Nuit Blanche.

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marian said...

you explained it wonderfully
i felt i was out late
into the nite
walking with you guys!
what a thrill!
great blog, woman of paris
love hugs to you and chuck