Monday, October 09, 2006

A another nice, looong walk.

Chuck said, "Let's walk to Bon Marche!" We plotted a route that would take us down interesting little streets hoping to find new finds. We had to stop at La Poste first so I could mail a package to Mica and buy some additional stamps. The rates went up, plus last week I was sold stamps in the wrong amount. Yikes. I sent out two pieces of mail with the wrong postage! I sure hope they get to where they are supposed to in spite of that. Meanwhile, back to the walk...after La Poste, we crossed the Seine heading towards Notre Dame, stopping at souvenir shops, which line the street over there, looking for handkerchiefs with the Paris Metro map on them. They don't exist. We think we imagined them or that was some past souvenir. We crossed to the left bank and headed past the fountain at St. Michel, and down the little rue St. Andre des Arts. I saw this great book vending machine. I was so elated. What a perfect thing for a read-a-holic like me. If I run out of a book late at night, I can go to a machine, oh, wait, they were all in French. But what a great idea. We found a good gift shop and bought a little item, which they proceeded to wrap in a fabulous little wooden box. Almost better than the gift! The next shop we saw was called Next Stop. The clothing was in a limited palette of colors, mainly those neutral drabby gray greens. They had a hoody long coat that was very nice, but the prices were oooh la la really high. One of their windows was filled with inflated silver cubes. Chuck got this nice picture of them. After the Carree d'Artistes shop, Chuck spotted a Passage and headed down it. We had a vague memory of going down this one many years ago. But a new space was there, a gallery that was part of the Cultural Centre for Catalunia. The building looked newly renovated, a restaurant was in the process of opening, and the art work was by Antoni Clave. Wonderful art work by this deceased artist. By this time, we'd worked up an apetite. Now to look for lunch!

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