Monday, October 16, 2006

more Marche aux Puces

I really liked these monkey figurines. Quite expensive but amusing. The reflection of my companion is interesting, too.
This stall with tools reminded me of the cafe at BHV, and like someone's basement. Do they ever sell any tools? The two pieces of metal were finds for Chuck. I liked the newspaper they were wrapped looks like "UnHappyBirthday" but it is really "a happy birthday." So here's a happy birthday to all of you that had one recently, like Myrna, or are having one soon, like Leah and Mrs. Andrews. Happiness to all of you, and to those whose birthdays I've missed because I'm here and you're there. Now, back to the flea market and the bad thing about going on Sunday afternoon. We were ready to head back to the Cite, our companion had the map of the market area in hand and was using it to guide us out. Little did we know that the area along the street, the one with the hip-hop clothes, the gym shoes, the purses, etc. would be packed with people. We suddenly got in a bottle neck with more people coming toward us, squeezing those of us going out into a narrower and narrower space. We were packed. I started to have a panic attack. I was happy I'd worn my wrist brace and had my arm protected. At one point, I looked at a man in his stand and said "J'ai peur." He saw my panic and indicated I could step into his little area (he had a table in the front part, they were selling Indian goods.) I shook my head no, said I was worried because I had an injured arm. He called out to the people pushing us forward, against the people coming in, that they needed to stop as there was an injured person. That was so sweet. I felt so much better. Chuck held on to me and we managed to move forward until we got to the end of the walkway and could turn and go under the peripherique. Whew! It was so scary. We were in danger of being trampled, for real. Walking to the Metro, my knees were shaking. And more and more people were headed for the flea market!!! aaaaiiieee! I told Chuck that I never needed to go there again.

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