Monday, October 16, 2006

Marche aux Puces

What a day to decide to visit the flea market! Sunday. We got there around noon, which was good. We walked about with our companions for the day, enjoying looking at things. The only one with a quest was Chuck who was hoping to find some things for his art work. The rest of us were thinking that something interesting to buy might present itself but had nothing special in mind. Okay, so you get off the Metro at the end of line 4, Porte de Clingancourt, and you follow the crowds. The first thing you see is tent city, a big swap meet, but you keep going until you are under the peripherique. That's the big highway that rings Paris. On the other side is this huge neighborhood, St. Ouen, that is devoted to selling stuff. The outer area is all stalls that sell clothing, shoes, records, lots of hip-hop kinds of things. Very densely packed. And lots of people, mainly young people. Inside the first section called Vernaison are lots of stall that have been in place a long time. They sell everything from old key chains (now why did we give get rid of the kids collections of them?) to fine china. There is a high end section that sells furniture, statues, chandeliers that look like they came from Versailles. Other areas sell other furniture, things we'd like but couldn't carry back. Also, there are tons of wood wardrobes, of course, from the days before closets. They are all pretty wonderful looking.

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Dawn said...

Ron and I were at this very flea market during our honeymoon. I will always remember it as we were there on the day of Princess Diana's funeral. Many of the sellers had their little portable tvs and radios on. We couldn't escape it.