Friday, October 13, 2006

Sacre Coeur

After Galleries La Fayette, we walked to Sacre Coeur. It wasn't as long of a walk as it looked on the map, though the up hill part gives you a bit more of an aerobic work out. We passed through a neighborhood that was new to us, but the little street leading up to S-C from Metro Anvers is the same as we remembered it from years ago. The fabric shops, the tourists, the souvenir shops. We sat by the carousel, listening to the sound, Chuck took some photos, because who can resist photos of carousels, before we walked up to the next level for a photo op. Watching people taking photos was fun, trying to get Sacre Coeur in the background, people asking strangers to use their camera and take pictures of them. The sky was a pale blue rather than that dark blue we sometimes see here. But it's always dramatic to see this sight.

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Dawn said...

Sacre Coeur is by far my favorite spot in Paris. What a beautiful basilica! Ryan enjoyed the carousel pic and we look forward to bringing him to see both once he's mature enough to appreciate France! Love you, miss you!