Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Being with artists and musicians

We visited with our across the hall neighbors Tuesday afternoon. Previously, I'd posted a photo of Daniele's back with her sign and a picture of their door with the request for clothing. Now, we have some idea of what Nadege and Daniele are doing. On one wall of their studio they've put up the signs they wear when they go about the city. Some have all of the phone number tabs gone. They are documenting where they've been and will create, with the donated clothing (cut up into pieces) a schematic, as a tapistry. At least, I think that's what is happening. If they read this maybe they can help with the explanation. In any case, it's an ambitious project. Their studio looks out onto the courtyard. Here's one view from their windows. In the evening, we went to a concert downstairs. A jazz guitarist/composer from Serbia who performed his own compositions alone and with other musicians (a sax player and an accordianist) Really nice sounds together. And a quartet playing Beethovan and Schumann. An interesting program combination. This is the thing that is so wonderful about being here.

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