Friday, October 27, 2006

Au revoir Cite

Today, we leave the Cite, the University Center in Virginia (U.S.A.) atelier will be occupied by a new person, a friend of ours. We went out for our morning cafe and a tartine, then took a walk in the neighborhood. We "found" the candy shop that made chocolate letters, and the good chocolate covered noisettes, which naturalement, we had to buy. There was a big display for halloween, too. These ghosts are charming, n'est ce pas? We returned to the Cite to finish cleaning out the refrigerator. Daniele was in, so we offered her the things from the frigo. Hated to waste good mayo, laitue, un oeuf, confiture and buerre. A person came to check the inventory, went through the check list and all is wel,l so we'll get our deposit back. On to the next part of our adventure. When I'll blog again, je ne sais pas, however, I'm sure I'll have some bonnes images to post. A la prochaine!

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Joan Taber said...

Mim, I've been enjoying your blog ever since I found out about it and joined your cyber entourage. Your wonderful photographs remind me how easy it is to fall into European routines, colors, and rich aromas. Thank you for the vicarious thrill.