Friday, October 06, 2006


I've been making collages from papers that I've collected here, including wrappers from breads and pastries. Amie asked me to post some so here they are. Size, small, paper size 21X29.7 cm mostly, some a bit larger paper was used for the base, and some are 11 X 11 cm or so. We have a little metric ruler with us (15X15) and found a larger one in the storage closet (30 cm) and are adjusting to seeing the metric lengths. Oh boy it's taking adjusting! I was used to the 24 hour clock because I never changed the clock in my VW Beetle, which was set to the 24 h clock. But I never thought about adjusting myself to the metric system. I'm having fun with the collages. Chuck has helped me think of a way to present them once I return home, if I want to show them. Well, I'm off to make more collages.

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Nesbit N Hatch said...

Mim, Dennis' collage got home in one piece. It was hand carried for 8:30 hr flight from CDG to CVG, 3:20hour flight to SLC, then 1hour to SUN, all in a day, starting at 1am to 8:30pm MDT. We were glad to arrive home in one piece and only missing one piece of luggage that was delivered to a very sleepy me at 11pm MDT!