Monday, October 23, 2006

Open Studio

Our open studio was a lot of fun. I'm posting a picture of my wall of collages before the people arrived and one of Chuck's wall of photos during the evening. Thirty five people came, including out friends and family from Richmond, who just happened to be here at the same time. And our Paris friends, as well as Cite residents. There was lovely mixing of people. Mainly English was spoken, though those who spoke French did so with one another, ditto German, Farsi, Spanish, and there were a lot of Hebrew speakers, Israeli and Palestinian artists. My meeting with Vanci Stirnemann, the person who started the artist trading card phenomanon, was quite fun. I tried not to make a fool of myself "Oh my-ing" a lot. Wine was consumed, as was cheese, olives and apricots, but the cookies were left untouched for the most part. Hmmm! I guess cookies aren't good with wine! We enjoyed ourselves a lot!

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