Monday, October 09, 2006

Carre d'Artistes

On our walk to Bon Marche Monday, we came across a wonderful shop that sells original art work, one of a kind pieces by artists. The concept was fabulous. The work is in four different sizes only, all square format, and four different prices based on size. They sell frames for them if you want the work framed. There was a wide variety of styles. We were attracted to the non-figurative collages, of course. All of the work was quite good, nothing looked "commercial" or mass produced. I thnk I'm making a plug for them, but anything that makes art accessible, and is a way for artists to sell their work, is great. And if you are in Paris, and want to buy art, this is original work at affordable prices. By the way, the Paris shop is at 66, rue Saint Andre des Arts, which is a pretty nice little street to explore. They have a web site, check them out:


colin said...

I'm one of the artists whose work is exhibited by carre d'artistes. They approached me when I was showing at Battersea Contwmporary Art Fair a couple of years ago. Their prices are very low and I wasn't sure it was worth my time, but i gave it a go. My work sells regularly and given the small formats, it takes me two days a month to re-supply. I made 1500 Euros from their sales over November, which more than put food on the table over Christmas. It's a brilliant concept.

Scott said...
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Scott said...

Big thanks to mim and Colin for info. I should hopefully be showing at a Carre D'Artistes gallery some time soon.