Monday, January 30, 2012

A bit more of Bilbao & Mail Art

 Spotting this man in the water cleaning the Guggenheim museum was interesting as it gave the building scale, though that's not so evident in my close up shot.
 This Louise Bourgeois spider is on the river side of the Guggenheim. It's called Maman. There are other versions of this elsewhere. Have you seen any of them?
 Jeff Koons Puppy is on the plaza by the entrance to the Guggenheim. He is so cute, I mean it, really cute. The people liked it so much that the city bought it rather than having it be removed at the end of the exhibit time. The plantings change with the seasons, I believe. Big, this puppy is BIG!
 We were sitting on the wall on the river side of the building one night, just looking at things, when a HUGE noise jolted us! What the heck!!! The fire sculpture had come on behind us. I turned around and got this shot of it.
 This is one of the things I'm doing besides the tiny watercolor landscapes and mail art. I'm altering Mona. Can you spot the changes?
 This is #817, which I sent to someone in Paris.
This is #818 which is going further away. I used show cards as the substrate for these two cards.

And now a special announcement: My honey is putting more images on his blog. He got some fine photos while in Bilbao. Check them out here.


Margie said...

You make me smile Mim. Off to see Chuck! I'm thoroughly enjoying his captures.

VioletSky said...

I am so enjoying your adventures, Mim.
We have one of these Maman spiders in Ottawa. I find it rather creepy (but then I find all spiders creepy). We also have a different version in Toronto.