Thursday, January 05, 2012

Day 2, in which we got up late!

 Today's mail: a postcard from a Mail Artist in France. "E" Ambassade d'Utopia sent this one from somewhere close-by.

I went to La Poste today and purchased some stamps so I'll begin sending out my own Mail Art shortly. The stamps didn't have denominations on them, only 20gm (max weight) and "Europe" or "Monde" on them. Like the Forever stamps in the U.S. I like numbers on my stamps. They make them so graphic.
 This is the result of our cleaning and re-organizing the storage room. We still have more towels to wash and put on the shelf. We will return items we've removed for our use when we depart, like some books, wastebaskets, coffee maker, Brita filtre, and more. We weren't able to get the to the coffee maker or other items due to the congestion in there. I wish I'd taken a before photo.
 These are the lights on the Mairie on rue de Rivoli, near us.
 This is the reflection of the lights in the windows of the building across the street.
 This is what I ate before my main dish, at Le Trumilou, tonight. It's a beet pate. Roasted beets in layers with a goat cheese mouse in between (the rosy colored part.) Delicious. The thing above it is actually a tomato wedge with some vinaigrette drizzled on it.
 This was our dessert. We shared it. Apple sherbet with Calvados poured over it. Okay, it was so good! For the main course, I had baked fish (Liege) also very good but not a good photo of it, and no where near as exciting as the beets or the Calvados dessert.
 After dinner, we walked our friends to the bus stop and saw these lit up Christmas trees on the plaze by the Mairie. I got up close and to my surprise - soda bottles! How recyclage of them to do this.
 From across the street at the bus stop.
Here's the entire scene with the 5 trees. So festive. A real bottle tree.

We walked home, looking in shop windows. Checking to see what shops and restaurants are still here, and they mostly are the same, with the addition of a few more Asian cuisine ones, Thai, Japanese. It's nice to have things familiar.

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Eileen said...

Great pictures as always. Love the bottle tree at night. Daytime its boring but you know what its potential is. Love the food shots of course and miss you already. Big hugs.