Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday, already!?

 We went on an excursion with Ann (photographer from Sweden) and Åke (painter from Norway) to the 10th arrondisement. We took the metro to La Crimée stop and then walked down the Canal St. Martin.
 People were rowing on the canal, which is quite wide at this point.
 Does this look like Paris? It reminded us of the Canal du Midi in Toulouse.
 We stopped for coffee (Cocolate Chaud for me) at this famous Hotel.  
I put a link to a video in French that shows (after an advert) the Hotel/Cafe & the canal. When you see the inside of the cafe, picture us sitting there this afternoon, inside to the left of the door.
 This is a boat that was docked on the canal.
Here, I altered a card for a musical about Le Petit Prince. I had fun with this. I blocked out all of the information with the needle work and the black part at the bottom, which was from the auction house catalog of paintings. I really like precisely cutting out the images to make them look like part of the card. Reminder: not photo-shopped, old school cutting and gluing.


Found art blog said...

Yum yum yum to the patisseries!! A Mail Art Care Package got mailed out to you today, so you'll soon get some additional supplies for Mona!!

latebloomerbuds said...

Let's hear it for old school cutting and gluing! Margie