Monday, January 09, 2012

Day 6, the sun is out! oh, now it's gone.

 I made some mail art the past couple of days. This is using material at hand.
 My honey found some free postcards at a cafe, and he found the balloon to alter it with.
 This morning, we walked to La Poste at l'Hotel de Ville and BHV. I bought a lot of stamps but we didn't buy any blank discs as they are very expensive here. However, we did stop into the Illy cafe in the basement for some quiche and espresso.
 How delish is this? A dark chocolate dusted almond is in the little packet.
 Children's clothing is always fun to look at. So cute.
 The sky started to become overcast with puffy clouds, gradually darkening. It was nice having sun for awhile.
Exciting news! My honey has posted new photos to his blog. He's now very happy to have one and will keep up with it so be sure to subscribe to his blog or become a follower. It's called My Urban Fragments on blogger. Look at it here.

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latebloomerbuds said...

Oh my, how exciting. I will be sure to check it out. You've created a monster now I bet! You will have to fight to get the computer to put your stuff up, LOL! Margie