Thursday, January 05, 2012

a couple of shops

These are two of the shops we looked at on our way home from Trumilou.

Here is a darling little shop with lots of cute items. I love the way the stuffed toys are leaning on each other. They have dishes by Marimekko and all sorts of well designed items that we don't need but love to look at.
Gilbert Gilbert is a tiny jewelry shop around the corner from us. We've purchased some things there in the past. These two items caught our eye. Maybe vegetal ivory, or acrylic (plastic?) We liked the inlaid silver stars.

Back "home" and after tiring ourselves out with computer time (Chuck) and some cutting things out (me) we had some herbal tea. And now to sleep.

Day 3 has already started!


chris said...

How wonderful it all looks - seems like a hundred years ago that we were on our trip! Looking forward to keeping up with your doings.

Barbara said...

LOVE the bracelet w/the star. Perhaps I should "order" one!
Neat that this shop is close to "home." WOW. You've made so many posts already! What an adventure! Thanks!