Saturday, January 07, 2012

On a walk through the Marais

 The lobby/reception area of the Cité has been renovated. I'll snap a photo of the desk and what it looks like as we enter. This is as we were leaving for our walk today. Pretty spiffy!
 We passed by the bottle trees. Oh No! They look terrible in daylight!
 This is a huge bead store that we've been to before. It's beautifully organized by color and has everything a person would need to create bead jewelry. It's Tout a Loisirs!
 We passed by a fabulous window full of gorgeous creations make with flaky pastry. It was Bio (organic) and we got a delicious bread there.
 The carousel was in action when we walked by. Kids were loving it! A tiny girl in a helicopter. The vehicles got up and down as the carousel turns.
A little boy and girl, side by side, on motorcycles, with big smiles on their faces.
 This shop has items that appear to be antique but they're facsimiles. They do a good job of presentation in the shop so we like to stop in there.
Don't you just love this "graffiti?" It says something like "In the new year, I will offer my old dreams."

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How lovely . Enjoy your trip .